Online Learning In Pandemic Situation

All Those Basic Information You Need to Know About Online Learning


A type of distance learning is online learning. It is also known as e-learning or electronic learning. Now online earning has become quite popular among students. Online learning is now a common thing. Nowadays so many people are taking online education.  At present, it has become a daily activity in students’ lives. Students are now adapting to this new medium of learning.

They must adapt to this. There is no more option available for students. Earlier, so many students were not aware of this thing. Actually, it was not needed before.  They have been able to know about it because of the global pandemic corona. 

In this crisis situation, online education is the most important way of learning. It has forced us to rethink the traditional school system. Virtual school is actually a  new concept in many countries. It is a new term, especially in developing nations.


Students are getting used to it. Currently, there is no other option.

Now it is the actual and most smooth way of learning. Online education is now like a blessing for so many students. Some of them are loving this new way of learning. It is also a school for them but a virtual school. 

Online Learning In World Shutdown Pendamic Situation

Benefits Of Online Learning

Online learning is helping students in so many ways. The importance of online learning is uncountable. In this pandemic situation, people are not going outside without any specific reason. Students are also not allowed to do so. They are also not able to go to school.

If they go outside then there is a probability of getting affected. In this crisis moment, it is not safe for the students to go to school. That’s why online learning is a good medium. As they are not going to school,  that’s why they are not in danger. Parents also can stay stressless. They do

not have to worry about their children. Their children are very safe in a house environment. Students are getting used to this new way of learning.  A great benefit of online learning is that there is no barrier to being in a specific place.

They can join online classes from anywhere, from anyone’s house. Their location is not important here. They can join the classes from different locations of the world. For example, someone’s school is in Dhaka but he/she can join the classes from somewhere else. That means location does not matter in this event. Covid-19 can reach everywhere in the world.

Online learning system has got the same power. Almost anywhere in the world can access it. Students are joining classes from every corner of the country. They are taking essential lessons from their favourite teachers or instructors.

The teachers are also the same. They are well known to the students. Teachers and students are well known to each other. So students are comfortable taking lessons from their favourite teachers. That is how students are connecting with their teachers.

Students are enjoying their classes. They are comfortable with their teachers. They don’t hesitate to ask any questions to their teachers. If they are stuck with any problem then they can share their problems. They can ask their teachers about their problems. They can get the solutions from their teachers.

Teachers also try their best to solve those problems. Teachers are open to every student. They also like to answer the questions. It is also a very good opportunity for the teachers. Because in conventional classrooms teachers can not provide equal attention to everyone. They do not even get enough time.

Actually in that case time is a big barrier for them. That’s why they can not reach everyone. Students and teachers were not satisfied with this issue. Now there is no problem like this. In online classes, there is plenty of time for both sides.

In online classes, teachers can help students with ease. There is no rush for time. Everyone is able to ask their question. 

Students were not able to ask extra questions at that time. But now they can ask many more questions. They can ask questions out of the syllabus.

 Hence, they can learn many more things. They can gather much more information. They can use their class time in a good way. In school, students can not focus on the lecture all the time. They somehow lose attention. Actually,

It is very tough for some to focus all the time. Online classes are good for them.

There are videos of the classes. Transcripts are also available. They get help from these tools. Students can then watch recorded videos and practice later. It helps then revise those classes. And they can learn them in a much more effective way.

They get the chance to see the lectures again and again. It helps them to memorize information in a better way. Many students can not speak in public. It is

a good medium for them to speak. Now introverted students can also join the classes. They can also express their opinions. Now there is no cost of transportation. Students are not going to school that is why there is no need for transportation fares. There is no cost of fuel. There is no cost of tiffin for students. 

Schools also do not have to pay utility bills. So there is a cut of expenses. 

 Disadvantages Of Online Learning          

There are also some disadvantages to this online learning system. Students and teachers are in virtual connection. They can communicate with each other in a virtual way.

But physical communication is no more. They can not communicate with each other face to face. That is the main way of communication. But because of the pandemic, it is not possible now. That is why students are not feeling well.

They are feeling alone, missing their classmates. In this case, they want to be meet and talk with each other face to face.

Students have to keep their eyes on the screen for a long time. It is harmful to their eyes. As they are not with their friends that is why they are facing some mental problems. They are becoming fat because they are not moving that much. They are facing so many health issues. 

All the teachers are not aware of the digital medium. Everyone is not aware of the technology. They do not know exactly how to use their technology. So, they are facing problems coping with this new environment.

Online learning has cut off costs for sure. But the situation is not the same for everyone. 

There are some students who do not have enough money. That is why they are not able to buy digital devices. Some of them are not able to bear the cost of the internet. For these students, online learning is a nightmare.

Conclusion: Online education is a normal thing in this new normal. There are some good and bad things about online learning. But this is the term. And we need to accept it. There is no other option remaining at the moment. We should have to be active in online education individually and must ensure everyone’s rights.

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